Festival of Good Books #5

Greetings! Welcome to the 5th edition of the Festival of Good Books. We have received 9 posts for this edition. I hope our readers will enjoy reading these. Here are the posts in the order they were received.

Todd presents Summer reading in chemistry posted at ChemJerk. Popular science nonfiction should be a part of every high school science curriculum. Why? Read on…

Aspeth presents Recommended Reading posted at Twelve Years Of Being Annoyed By Chloe Sevigny. Finally, an author that writes about historic events in an incredibly readable tone! I’ve recently come across some of Simon Winchester’s novels and am thoroughly impressed with his body of work, and cannot recommend these books highly enough.

GrrlScientist presents Peterson Reference Guides: Gulls of the Americas posted at Living the Scientific Life. this is the definitive reference work that teaches the art and skill of identifying gull species that occur throughout the America.

John presents Review: Lang Elliott on the Songs of Insects and Birds posted at A DC Birding Blog. "The Songs of Insects introduces the songs of seventy-seven species, from four insect families. It includes many examples of crickets, katydids, grasshoppers, and cicadas. While some species may be found across the continent, most insects described in the book are from the eastern and central United States. A compact disk with multiple examples of each song accompanies the text."

Ungraspable presents Savvy Writer: Book Review: Stephen King’s On Writing posted at Savvy Writer. A major part of the book covers King’s life – from childhood to when he started writing On Writing in the year of 2000.

Summer presents Environmentally friendly kid’s books posted at Mommy Babble. The Wartville Wizard is a hilarious book for younger kids that teaches a great lesson. And people get covered in trash, that alone made my sons giggle for hours then beg me to read it again.

Hakim Abdullah presents The Creed of Imam Al-Tahawi posted at Hakim Abdullah. The Zaytuna Institute formerly of Hayward, CA has developed a class of publications called the Curriculum Series. This genre is a much needed gathering, translation and exposition of the classic works of the traditional Islamic scholars.

Scott presents Harry Potter’s Guide to the People You Meet in College posted at College and Finance. The Harry Potter books have a variety of interesting characters in them. In college, you’ll meet a lot of interesting people as well who resemble many Harry Potter characters.

Jon Swift presents Jonah Goldberg’s Shining posted at Jon Swift. Most of Goldberg’s ideas could be expressed much more economically, not to mention entertainingly, by using LOLcats, an Internet meme where pictures of cats and other cute animals are captioned with grammatically challenged prose.

That concludes the 5th edition of the Festival of Good Books. Next edition of this carnival will be hosted here on 28 July 2007. You can submit your posts here.